Construction worker fatally struck by metal piece that fell off scaffolding in Chelsea

Through registration, workers become legally recognized and are issued a passbook-cum-identity card that is a necessary pre-condition for accruing social security benefits. SEWA Delhi linkage helps workers access life insurance, scholarship for their children medical assistance, maternity benefit, accident relief, pension, and loan facilities. Common Wealth Games The Common Wealth Games mobilized a huge force of construction workers in order to build key Delhi Metro stations, bridges, the stadium, and other infrastructure. Despite the huge amount of funding and profit related to the games, construction workers were offered nothing more than minimal wages and atrocious working conditions. The members highlighted the problems they faced while getting the workers registered such as the unavailability of passbooks and claim forms and the slow process of the disbursements of benefits. SEWA Delhi women members shared provocative testimonies that shed light on the difficult experience of female workers within the construction industry.

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The other major problem is the irregularity of income: There is no continuity or regularity of livelihood for construction workers. However there is no certainty of securing work on a daily basis. Many times they can only work for days each month.

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This is required primarily for safety issues. Workers on job sites are told basic rules by their employers regarding what is required to wear. When visitors come to job sites, signs are often posted informing them what attire is required to come onto the construction site. Purpose The dress code for construction sites is designed first and foremost for safety reasons.

The type of clothing that is required of workers and visitors is intended to protect these individuals from the dangers of construction sites. Clothing Most construction sites require workers to wear either short-sleeve shirts or long-sleeve shirts. No sleeveless attire is allowed. If workers wear long-sleeve shirts, they must fit snugly and not be baggy in any way. Baggy shirts have the potential to get stuck in moving machinery and can cause harm to workers.

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Our deepest condolences and heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to his family and coworkers. John said the company is launching an investigation into the circumstances of the death. The worker, who was operating an excavator, was hurt when a heavy piece of construction material fell on top of the vehicle cab, an official said today.

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Simon Bosch Through those audits, Caltex can seize hundreds of stores. Shrinking network Between November and July, the franchise network shrunk from to stores while Caltex corporate sites expanded from to In the process Caltex converted about 80 franchised sites to corporate sites. Caltex says it already owns the stores and so there will be no impact on Caltex’s balance sheet. For franchisees, termination means financial devastation.

On top of the audit process, franchisees whose five to year franchise agreements are due to expire are being put on short-term contracts while the retail operating model review is in progress. All this uncertainty is pushing the market value of Caltex sites down. Some franchisees say the market value has halved in the past year. Quite how far the audit process has gone is revealed in a note Caltex wrote to franchisees saying: To date stores have been issued termination notices or have prematurely ended their contracts after refusing to participate in a compulsory workplace audit.

Audit boycott In some cases franchisees are refusing to do the audits because they have been underpaying workers, in other cases they fear Caltex will use technicalities to terminate them. Ash Vatsa bought two stores in April and has been juggling two jobs to pay the bills. He says he is on financial assistance from Caltex because his stores are losing money.

Injured Construction Workers Seeking Workmens’ Comp or Social Security Disability Benefits

People across Florida’s Panhandle are starting to return to their storm-damaged communities. In the worst-hit areas — Mexico Beach, Panama City, Apalachicola — rebuilding could take months, and in some cases years. That effort to rebuild is hampered by a severe labor shortage in the state’s construction industry. But Florida is not alone: A recent survey by the Association of General Contractors of America showed that 8 out of 10 of the country’s building firms are unable to find the labor they require.

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 29 CFR Part [Docket No. S] RIN AA Safety Standards for Scaffolds Used in the Construction Industry.

Roofers Tile setters Because workers from various trades can share a single jobsite, it only takes one negligent worker to place many people at risk. Asbestos dust can spread around jobsites easily and expose people who never even handled asbestos directly. Even worse, workers can bring the dust home on their clothes, hair or tools, placing their families at risk of secondary exposures that can be just as deadly. Drywall Workers Several studies show that drywall workers experience a high risk for asbestos-related disease.

Drywall and drywall tape often contained asbestos. Plasterers even patched holes in drywall sheets with asbestos compounds. Sanding down drywall taping compounds can also release asbestos into the air. A study confirmed that when drywall workers sanded down drywall taping compounds, the asbestos concentrations in the air were several times higher than the permissible level.

Masons and Bricklayers Masonry workers once mixed raw asbestos into compounds for bricks, stones or blocks. After preparing these materials, bricklayers faced additional exposure hazards by cutting them down to size and securing them in place with asbestos adhesives or concretes. Masonry workers may also have created asbestos dust by scraping up dry, asbestos-containing mortar to prep the surface for new bricks. One study found that asbestos fiber concentrations in the air were five times higher than the legal exposure limit during masonry, carpentry and painting activities.

They measured even higher concentrations when workers used power tools or mixed drywall cement.

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Each item is designed to minimize exposure to certain risks of injury or illness, as well as the damage caused by those hazards in the event of a mishap. Every individual construction site and job duty should be evaluated for specific and unique dangers, and appropriate personal protective equipment required. Some common classes of hazards at construction sites with risks that can be mitigated with appropriated PPE include electrical, fall , chemical, harmful dust, struck-by , penetration, caught-in and caught-between , rollover, and heat.

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Summary That money is one year of my blood, how can you not give it to me? This investment is transforming Beijing from a traditionally low-rise city of narrow alleys and hutong courtyard homes dating from imperial times to a city of broad avenues lined with newly built skyscrapers and countless building sites. As many have commented, the Olympics are to be Beijing’s coming-out party. The engine behind the creation of the new Beijing is the estimated one to two million construction workerswho toil on the city’s building sites.

The efforts of that largely invisible army are too often rewarded by wage exploitation resulting from unfair or non-existent contracts and the denial of basic public social services. Workers routinely endure dangerous work environments and lack any safety net, including medical and accident insurance. A dysfunctional government system of redress for workers’ grievances puts those who protest such injustices under threat of sometimes deadly physical violence.

Chinese government authorities are well aware of the abuses migrant construction workers face and have begun to make the necessary policy adjustments in certain areas.

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Proven management skills and a deep familiarity with all aspects of successful foremanship. Aiming to leverage my skills and fill the managerial role at your company. Familiarity with inspection codes and standards Expert with most hand and power tools Knowledge of OSHA construction site safety regulations Highly motivated and able to lead within a team environment.

Here are three critical skills all construction workers should emphasize on their resumes: Start your resume with a Career Objective Starting out on the right foot is important, which means having a perfectly written Career Objective to start your resume. US Bureau of Labor Statistics The following example is the perfect way to capitalize on previous experience, skills and education to capture the attention of any HR Manager.

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May 23, September 14, 3 months before completion Construction projects can suffer from preventable financial problems. Underbids happen when builders ask for too little money to complete the project. Cash flow problems exist when the present amount of funding cannot cover the current costs for labour and materials, and because they are a matter of having sufficient funds at a specific time, can arise even when the overall total is enough.

Fraud is a problem in many fields, but is notoriously prevalent in the construction field. Mortgage bankers , accountants , and cost engineers are likely participants in creating an overall plan for the financial management of the building construction project. The presence of the mortgage banker is highly likely, even in relatively small projects since the owner’s equity in the property is the most obvious source of funding for a building project.

Accountants act to study the expected monetary flow over the life of the project and to monitor the payouts throughout the process. Cost engineers and estimators apply expertise to relate the work and materials involved to a proper valuation. Cost overruns with government projects have occurred when the contractor identified change orders or project changes that increased costs, which are not subject to competition from other firms as they have already been eliminated from consideration after the initial bid.

As portions of a project are completed, they may be sold, supplanting one lender or owner for another, while the logistical requirements of having the right trades and materials available for each stage of the building construction project carries forward. In many English-speaking countries, but not the United States, projects typically use quantity surveyors. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.


Press release Summary Contention over the diversity of the New York City construction industry has been present since the s as blacks and Hispanics have sought greater access to this major source of middle-class jobs. Because most major construction in the s was done under collective bargaining agreements, the discussion about diversity focused on how workers become apprentices and join construction trade unions. As Figueroa, Grabelsky, and Lamare note, Dating back to the s, the unionized construction industry was a focal point for the civil rights movement as communities of color witnessed a construction boom offering the false promise of good jobs for urban residents.

Because of discriminatory hiring practices, the overwhelming majority of union construction jobs went to white workers. In New York City, for example, 92 percent of building trades union members [were] white. Some of the skilled trades had virtually no African American members.

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If you have been injured while working at a construction site, any resulting legal claim may be affected by workers’ compensation laws, depending on your employment situation and the extent to which your employer is responsible for your injuries. Following is a brief examination of the typical workers’ compensation procedure for construction accidents, but remember that your attorney will determine the extent of your employer’s liability.

Keep in mind that parties other than your employer may be legally responsible for your injuries such as third-party contractors, property owners, or equipment manufacturers and your recovery from those parties will not be affected by workers’ compensation laws. What Is Workers’ Compensation? Worker’s compensation is a system of laws outlining specific benefits to which an injured employee is entitled, including lost wages and medical expenses.

It is an important safety net for employees when they are injured while on the job. Under the law in most states, every business must have workers’ compensation insurance to cover its employees. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is similar to filing any other insurance claim.

Drama at Collins Street construction site as firefighters rescue fallen worker

Having trouble viewing this email? Between and , construction workers lost their lives at road construction sites, an average of 89 workers each year. Among the key findings:

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Riding the wave of a steady construction boom in New York, Gianino, who co-owns a construction company with his brother Matt, felt it was time to create a website that explicitly targeted construction workers and the contractors seeking to hire them. The young entrepreneur, 28 told the Irish Voice on Monday the idea came from a business venture with his brother. They found in their construction business they were always short a pool of construction workers for single day tasks.

The website, which can be described as the Myspace for construction workers, allows a worker to post their profile on the site and potential employers to view it. In addition, the creators will soon be attaching a country flag to each profile to inform the possible employers what nationality the construction worker is. So how does it work? Well, according to Gianino, the website is geo coded so once a contractor logs on the site automatically knows what city they are located in.

It will then provide details of how many people are available in that specific city.

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